The Cincinnati Restoration Church has been a non-profit religious organization in the State of Ohio since 2000. All donations to CRC are tax deductible.  Official receipts available upon request.

CRC houses an average of 30 men and 6 women on a daily basis.  As you can imagine, the daily operating costs for providing room and board for this number of people can be overwhelming.  Because of our reliance on private funding, we are constantly reaching out to the community through our fund raising efforts.  The volunteers that help us raise money are not paid and our made up primarily of individuals who have been affected by our ministry.  We greatly appreciate the generosity of those of you who have contributed to our volunteers!! 

Because of restrictions regarding the separation of church and state, CRC receives no government funding.  Our services are provided at no cost to our residents or the taxpayer.  We appreciate the generous support of the people from the communities that we serve.  If you would like to donate to CRC using your credit card, please click the paypal link below. 

Thank you!!